James Wentzy Ho Tam Cast & Credits

Cast & Credits

Director: Ho Tam
Voice: James Wentzy
Music: Wang Yemeng
Audio Recording: Ho Tam & Sikay Tang
Editing & Mixing: Ho Tam
Camera: James Wentzy & Ho Tam
Color Correction: Dennis Day

All archival materials are provided by James Wentzy & DIVA TV (ACT UP New York)
Shot on VHS, Hi8 and Mini DV
Canada / USA

In the Order of Appearance:

Part One

W.P. Wentzy, James Wentzy, David Gasperik, Darrel Ellis, James Dee, Lee (the model), The Wentzy Family, Jonathon Chin, Michael Mitchell, Fat Cat

Part Two

Some of the participants in the interview segment includes:

Larry Kramer, Aldyn McKean, Anna Blume, Katrina Haslip, Andrea Schlesinger, John McIlveen, Ron Goldberg, Avram Finkelstein

The artist would like to acknowledge all the unnamed activists and individuals who stood up for the cause over the last 25 years